microMussel Super-Sprint Triathlon

Friday, July 8, 2016 - 7:00 pm
100 yard swim - 0.6 mile bike - 0.2 mile run (or thereabouts)
In 2010, Musselman first staged microMussel (µMussel because we're into tiny), a Super-Sprint triathlon the likes of which you'd not seen before. Returning in 2015 and again held Friday evening, µMussel features absurdly short distances over a closed, spectator-friendly course through Geneva's Lakefront Park.

Two waves will be staged. In the first wave, athletes start in time-trial format at 5-second intervals and use normal triathlon equipment and bikes. In the second wave, everyone starts in a single chaotic mass of humanity and must ride an unmodified children's tricycle (with or without bell) or Big Wheels for the bike portion. A panel of biased and bribed judges reserves the right to disqualify egregious entries.

  • Register during online registration (either as an add-on to another race or separately).
  • Cost is $20 and includes chip timing (total time only; no splits).
  • Champions (male and female) of the first wave (normal bikes) will win $100 each. Overall champion (male or female) of the second wave (tricycles) will win $100 AND be declared the Undisputed Undeniable MicroMussel Super-Sprint Champion of the Universe.
Swim (100 yards) (or so)

Take a flying leap off the dock and start churning. A few seconds later, if all goes well, you'll come ashore at the boat launch.

Behold the interactive map.

Bike (0.6 miles) (roughly)

What to wear? That's the big question. Don't think about it too long, because you've only got a single loop of Lakefront Park to spin your pedals.

Behold the interactive map.

Run (0.2 miles) (give or take)

Ditch the bike and dash for the finish line, oxygen-starved and cramping like there's no tomorrow. Because in this race, there isn't.

Behold the interactive map.